The smoke that thunders or as they call it Mosi oa Tunya

Are you looking for adventure? Are you one for an adrenaline inducing yet breath taking experience? Then Mount Nyangani is the place you are looking for. Imagine going on a jaunt after which you may never be seen alive (dead) ever again? The Mountain is surrounded by mystery and legend has it if one says certain things while on the mountain they venture into the unknown and are never seen again but then again who doesn’t love a great mystery and a challenge to conquer the highest point in Zimbabwe. The reasons to climb the mountain far out weigh the reasons not to. The cool natural water that springs from the belly of the mountain cooling those who drink it. The beautiful lichen adding color to the rocks formed over thousands upon thousands of years. The fauna that lines the walkway springing the colorful bright yellow flowers as well as daises making up the fauna that litters the mountain, hiding behind rocks and in the nooks and crevices of the rocks and who can ignore the obvious health benefits of mountain climbing so dare yourself and explore.