Musangano Lodge is an owner managed holiday resort on a property of 140 ha
in a hilly area in the Eastern parts of Zimbabwe. The Lodge is approximately a 3 hours drive away from Harare and lies 28 km west of Mutare. Musangano has been operational since September 1996 and takes in 28 guests in 14 rooms.

Birgit and Gerd, the German owners, took great care when setting up the resort between 1995 and 1998. They were inspired by their vision to create a focal point for interpersonal exchange: “We first thought about the concept of Musangano Lodge while we were still teaching at a Zimbabwean Mission School between 1988 and 1992. Our friends, who came to visit us from overseas, thoroughly enjoyed meeting the local people, as this gave them an insight into the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. These experiences formed the base for our concept for Musangano Lodge as a place where people get toghther to do something important - whatever this may be. We envisaged Musangano as a meeting point for travelers wanting to find out more about the people of the country they visit. Other clients would come to discuss crucial business issues. Finally we visualized the Lodge as a place where the guest can unwind and get in touch with nature and his/her inner self to find peace and happiness.”

All these aspects are reflected in the meaning of the word ‘musangano’: coming together to do something important. We hope that our clients support our vision and enjoy at the same time the serene and peaceful atmosphere at the Lodge.