Chimanimani is a quiet and relaxing place to visit with most activities taking place outdoors; beautiful scenic walks or hikes, swimming in the crystal clear pools among natural waterfalls or bird watching in one of Zimbabwe’s most species rich areas. The Chimanimani National Park is probably Africa’s least-known nature reserve. An hour’s jeep-ride from the village, it includes the magnificent Chimanimani Mountains, a massive barrier of ancient and jagged crystalline rock forming the border with Mozambique. The breathtaking beauty and pristine environment of these mountains have always drawn adventurous travelers.

Visitors to the Chimanimani’s are allowed to camp free of charge anywhere within the National Park, except at base camp. Camping is at the visitors own risk and includes sleeping in Terry’s or Peter’s caves, actually disused mine shafts, or the mountain hut, a two  to three hour hike directly up Bailey’s Folly for those that like challenges, or up the Banana Grove (actually strelitzia!) route for those less fit. The mountain hut, at 1,630 metres, acts as a refuge and rest point and is un-furnished and has ablution and cooking facilities for up to 20 people at a time on a communal basis, which means no exclusive party use, it must be shared and bookings cannot be made.